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December 27th, 2018
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The Third Man (This Can't Be Happening collection)

By Mani Sheriar

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The Third Man (This Can't Be Happening collection) | Kindle eBook | 28 Pages, | ISBN: 9781542043823
Published December 27th, 2018 by Amazon Original Stories
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What would happen if your baby’s birth father represented everything you despised and feared? In this profound and heartrending story, an adoptive mother is forced to discover the answer.

After years of infertility, Mani and her husband, David, decided to adopt. When they matched with a teen mother, they were overjoyed, until the likely birth father contested. Frank was a violent white supremacist who had no intention of relinquishing parental rights. With tenuous hope and consuming dread, Mani now had to go head-to-head with a hateful stranger. And she was totally unprepared for where it would lead.

Mani Sheriar’s The Third Man is part of This Can’t Be Happening, a collection of four true stories about making the best of a worst-case scenario curated by Kevin Allison, creator of the hit true storytelling podcast RISK! Outrageous, alarming, triumphant, and sometimes embarrassing, these fearless confessionals can be read, or listened to, in one what-on-earth-would-I-do? sitting.

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The Third Man (This Can't Be Happening collection)

By Mani Sheriar

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