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January 1st, 2014
$95.85 at Amazon

Torts and Personal Injury Law

By Cathy Okrent

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Torts and Personal Injury Law | Hardcover | 480 Pages, | ISBN: 9781133691853
Published January 1st, 2014 by Cengage Learning
$179.95 | $95.85* at Amazon (* as of February 9th)
Taking a case approach, this proven book provides an accessible overview of tort law for paralegals who work on personal injury matters. Hypothetical scenarios in every chapter demonstrate how abstract tort law pertains to real life accidents and injuries. In addition, over 75 annotated cases featuring hot button issues give readers an opportunity to apply key concepts to the types of cases they will encounter on the job. Built-in learning aids include problems, projects, a running glossary of legal terms, outlines, chapter summaries, and review questions. Now fully updated throughout, the Fifth Edition includes a new chapter on negligence, new content, and new chapter-opening features titled "The Biggest Mistakes Paralegals Make and How to Avoid Them." Each of these unique vignettes illustrates a dilemma, an ethical lapse, or another unfortunate experience that actually happened.

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Torts and Personal Injury Law

By Cathy Okrent

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