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January 31st, 2019
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Babysitter Bear (Bear Creek Protectors Book 3)

By Harmony Raines

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Babysitter Bear (Bear Creek Protectors Book 3) | Kindle eBook | 182 Pages,
Published January 31st, 2019 by
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“Last time I looked we worked as Bear Creek Bodyguards, not Bear Creek Babysitters.”

Army veteran, Flint, has protected people all his life. But children? He doesn't know the first thing about children.

Fate sidestepped this silverback bear shifter when it came to finding his mate and having bear cubs of his own. So when he's asked to help protect a couple of children, Flint is not sure he's the man for the job.

However, fate might just have something special in store for Flint when he agrees to take the job.

His mate.

Jenna is on the run with two children. Her job is to keep them alive. And to stop them falling into the hands of bad men, who want to use them to get to their mom who is an investigative reporter. But Jenna can’t do it alone.

One phone call later and Flint is on the way to help them. But when Jenna meets Flint, it soon becomes clear that he is offering more than his protection. He’s offering his love, loyalty, and—if needed—his life.

Can these two fated mates work together to keep the children safe and make sure the bad men are bought to justice.

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Babysitter Bear (Bear Creek Protectors Book 3)

By Harmony Raines

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