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January 21st, 2019
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Lord of Winter (Frozen Dragons Book 1)

By Terry Bolryder

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Lord of Winter (Frozen Dragons Book 1) | Kindle eBook | 181 Pages,
Published January 21st, 2019 by
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Alek, Lord of Winter and powerful ice dragon, has little memory of his life before he was frozen in ice. Still, he knows what he wants for his future. First, to defeat any nearby dragons so he can rule again and second, to claim the curvy scientist who awakened him as his mate. He's sure Talia is his destiny, and he'll fight anyone, human or dragon, who tries to get in the way.

Talia has no idea how the cocky, beautiful man who walked out of a block of broken ice in her lab is still breathing, but she's glad he is. The self-proclaimed Lord of Winter makes everything more interesting, whether he's arm-wrestling an entire football team or kissing her senseless. Now Talia's heart is slowly melting for an ice man, and she's afraid of what will happen when the scientific world catches up.

As Alek and Talia slowly grow closer, and Alek comes to understand more of the modern world, things get steamy enough to melt icebergs. But Alek will have a hard time moving forward until he remembers where he came from, and he'll need to hurry because Talia isn't the only one interested in the frozen find of the century.

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Lord of Winter (Frozen Dragons Book 1)

By Terry Bolryder

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