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December 15th, 2015
$34.54 at Amazon

An Advocate Persuades

By Joan M. Rocklin, Robert B. Rocklin and Christine Coughlin

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An Advocate Persuades | Paperback | 470 Pages, | ISBN: 9781611631500
Published December 15th, 2015 by Carolina Academic Press
$45.00 | $34.54* at Amazon (* as of February 8th)
An Advocate Persuades introduces its reader to the role of the advocate and the tools of persuasion. This book, like its predecessor A Lawyer Writes, places the reader in the role of a first-year attorney. Now, that first-year attorney must draft a motion or appellate brief and then present an oral argument.

With step-by-step explanations and numerous examples, An Advocate Persuades explains how to develop and refine trial-level and appellate arguments and then how to present those arguments orally. Speaking to its readers in a straightforward manner, An Advocate Persuades communicates both the theories and foundational skills of persuasion so that they will be retained for a lifetime of legal practice.

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An Advocate Persuades

By Joan M. Rocklin, Robert B. Rocklin, Christine Coughlin and Sandy Patrick

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