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January 22nd, 2019
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Northbane Shifters

A Paranormal Romance Series

By Isabella Hunt

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Northbane Shifters: A Paranormal Romance Series | Kindle eBook | 1626 Pages,
Published January 22nd, 2019 by
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Deep in the Farthing Mountains, in what was British Columbia before the Rift, the Northbane shifters have carved out a refuge. Winfyre Ridge. Away from the horrors, wars, and darkness. A place to live free and prosper. To start over.

If you can get there.

Reagan Grace fled from a city laid to waste. She’s trying to get what’s left of her family to that mountain haven by any means necessary. But after a thousand-mile trek, the last thing she expected was a chance encounter with a bored alpha shifter. One who claims her by a toss of the dice.

Luke “Swift” Swiftlore could smell the secrets on Reagan a mile away. Hell only knows what risk he’s taking in letting this pretty refugee in. Now he has to keep her close and see if he can get her to cop to what she is. Good thing he’s a creative badboy.

Laia Llary has been looking for her cousin Tristan for months. But when she gets to Winfyre, does she find him? No. She only finds trouble. A brawl, a black eye and a bear shifter. Exactly in that order.

Garrett “Rett” Deacon knows he should throw Laia out on her ass, but he owes her cousin. With no alternative, he claims her as punishment. At least now he can both train and keep an eye on her. Although it’s hard to say who hates it more.

Sierra the Sphinx is the best scout money can buy. She might even be a match for Tristan “Trickster” Llary of the Northbane. Except she didn’t stick around long enough after swindling him to find out. Too bad, the Tiger Alpha was a hell of a kisser. Only Sierra might have made a mistake. She didn’t bank on Tristan coming after her.

The one and only night Tristan decides to kick back, he gets robbed. Now he’s hot on Sierra’s tail for three reasons. One, to get his possessions back. Two, because Sierra doesn’t realize what kind of danger she’s in – both from him and those that would kill for what she has. Three – he can’t get her out of his head.

Kallen “Kal” Deacon is the second-in-command at Winfyre. The Northbane shifter would give his life to keep it safe. Or to protect its most important secret. So, he’s not happy when he’s sent to scout the southern border. He’s even less happy when he comes upon a black-market auction. Kal knows he should leave it alone but one demure and bumbling beauty changes his mind.

Iris has no idea what to make of the surly Ice Bear shifter dragging her back to Winfyre. While he’s terrifying and powerful, she’s not afraid. She’s drawn to him.

Alexander "Xander" Bane understands he is now the reason Winfyre exists. His presence alone keeps most threats at bay. Something he takes no pride in – as its leader, he does what has to be done and that's the end of it. Even if it means he has to be alone for the rest of his life, his shifted form must remain a secret. A secret found out by accident by Tiani Elkhadi, who spies the dragon in the woods.

After nearly years of precautions, Xander has no idea what he should do. As icy as his heart has become, he can’t bring himself to kill her in cold blood. With no other choice, he claims her. Only Xander has no idea he’s playing into enemy hands. That Tiani was sent there to destroy Winfyre from the inside. To make it an example. To start a new war.

NOTE: This boxset contains ALL five books of the Northbane Shifters series.

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Northbane Shifters

A Paranormal Romance Series

By Isabella Hunt

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